Morgon 'Cinq Terres'

Domaine Vieux Bourg SKU: IFDOMCT20

Grape Variety: Gamay

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"Cinq Terres" is a blend of five distinct vineyards, each contributing its unique characteristics to the wine. The CHOLLETS vineyard brings elegance, while the BRYE vineyard adds fruity and round qualities. The TERRAINS ROUGES vineyard contributes a powerful character, while the AIGUAIS vineyard imparts lightness. Lastly, the CLACHET vineyard adds a mineral element to the blend. Together, these vineyards create a harmonious and balanced wine with a range of flavors and attributes.The vines are naturally grassed every other row to avoid too much vigor, the other is worked to make the roots of the vine plunge deep into the soil. Vinification takes place in thermo-regulated vats. The aging is done in micro-oxygenation for the spring cuvées and in barrels. ABV 14%