Australia, a signature all of its own.  Australian wine remains something of an overlooked entity here in South Africa. It’s a pity as it’s an incredibly diverse & dynamic wine producing country, with a breadth of style wholly unique to their flagship regions. From the ‘first families of wine’ such as Henschke & Yalumba (celebrating 175 yrs in 2024), to the myriad of ‘young-guns’ who have found a home in the likes of cool-climate Adelaide Hills. Read Tom's latest article here

Australian winemakers are renowned for their commitment to quality and consistency. They adhere to strict production standards, ensuring that every bottle meets the highest standards of excellence. This dedication has earned Australia a reputation for producing wines that consistently deliver exceptional taste and character. 

Australia's wine industry embraces innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to create new and exciting wines. Winemakers prioritize environmental sustainability, implementing practices that minimize their ecological footprint. Many vineyards utilize organic and biodynamic farming methods, reducing the use of chemicals and promoting biodiversity.

Murdoch Hill

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