Blaufrankish Leithaberg DAC

Heinrich SKU: IAHBL16

Grape Variety: Blaufränkisch

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100% Blaufränkisch. This Blaufränkisch wine offers a dynamic exploration of cherry nuances, refusing simple fruitiness in favor of multifaceted depth. Earthy tones of peaty leaves, truffles, peppery spice, and roasted root vegetables unfold, enticing one to pair it with a roast leg of lamb after allowing it time to open up. Emerging from Leithaberg's old vineyards facing Lake Neusiedl, this wine truly captures its terroir's essence. Bottled through meticulous craftsmanship and biodynamic practices, it undergoes spontaneous fermentation, extended skin maceration, and 20 months of maturation in used oak barrels. Assertive yet harmonious, it promises a long, vital, and contented life. ABV 12.5%