Hawke's Bay Home Block Syrah

Easthope Wines SKU: IAEWHBS20

Grape Variety: Syrah/Shiraz

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100% Syrah. We hold a deep appreciation for aromatic wines, valuing their enchanting floral aspects, like the delicate notes of lavender and rose. The pronounced spice profile, featuring black pepper, aniseed, and five spice, is equally cherished. The essence of fruit, particularly blueberry and plum, further enriches our admiration. Situated in the Mangatahi sub-region, our vineyard sits at 150 meters elevation, tilted at a gentle 6-degree angle to the North. This unique setting, coupled with our meticulous vineyard care, yields distinct and intense fruit character. Employing whole bunch fermentation amplifies these aromatic qualities, infusing the palate with remarkable presence and length. ABV 13.5%