No.8 Polish Hill Schatzkammer (Sweet Wine)

Rieslingfreak SKU: IAR8SHS21

Grape Variety: Riesling

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100% Riesling. Sweetly scented with aromas of orange blossom, passionfruit, fresh lime and honeysuckle, which carry through onto the lusciously flavoured palate. This wine is low in alcohol with a finely tuned balance of succulent residual sweetness and tangy natural acidity. Rieslingfreak No.8 is harvested from the Polish Hill River vineyard. Harvested nice and early at 9.2 Baume, we finished with wine that is only 6.0% abv, with 58g/L sugar and 10.2g/L acid. The balance of this wine is amazing, and probably John’s wine of the vintage. Harvested early in the season, this Riesling is low in alcohol. ABV 6%