Château Lafite Rothschild SKU: IFLRP15

Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

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Very dark color, with purple glints, indicating that the wine is still very much in its youth. The nose is still quite closed, which is to be expected after only a few months in the bottle. But it already presents good depth and plenty of complexity. Notes of fresh strawberries and tobacco, in which the wood has become perfectly integrated. The attack is simultaneously supple and very powerful.The beginning of winter was mild, dry and the beneficial cold weather did not arrived until the end of January, accompanied by rainfall. The budburst started at the beginning of April as usual and the vine then developed rapidly thanks to the water reserves and the temperate climate. In June, the flowering was early and homogeneous, a promising sign for the further development of grapes.The influence of the ocean and the estuary permitted to balance a hot summer with high temperatures. Water stress was high, but the rains of August brought the freshness necessary for the veraison and a perfect maturation. The ideal conditions were reunited at harvest time, allowing the best of each plot to be obtained. Depending of their provenance and level of ripeness, grapes will be transferred into either wooden, stainless steel or concrete vats. Alcoholic fermentation is conducted at controlled temperature, with regular pumping over to gently release all the phenolic compounds in the grapes. Each vat is carefully monitored and tasted daily in order to determine the best racking time. The maceration period variesfor each tank but is around 20 days in total. After malolactic fermentation wines are transferred into French oak barrels. Lafite has its own cooperage in Pauillac, la Tonnellerie des Domaines, which contributes to its unique style. The selection for the grand vin is made in March, once the wines have settled and start revealing their full potential. Every barrel is tasted individually and only the best ones are set aside for the final blend. Once blended, the wine is aged for a further 20 months in barrels, primarily of new oak. ABV 12.5%