Pour Patrice

Patrice Beguet SKU: IUPBP14

Grape Variety: Poulsard

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The wine has honey and floral aromas, and the mouth is light-bodied, slightly herbal, with acidic punch. On its own, it’s a bit raw and lacking distinction, but performs very well with food such as chicken (with the classic Jura cream and morels or not) or comté cheese. Domaine Hughes Beguet cultivate nearly 4 hectares in AOC Arbois and AOC Arbois Pupillin with a large majority of Savagnin for whites and Ploussards for reds. All of this is done biodynamically. In the cellar, the winemaker embraces experimentation and employs extended macerations and the use of egg-shaped barrels. Indigenous yeasts drive the fermentation process, which can extend for up to six months. This approach allows for the development of unique and expressive flavors in the wines. ABV 10.5%