Riesling Strasser Weinberge

Martin & Anna Arndorfer SKU: IAARRSW20

Grape Variety: Riesling

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100% Riesling. Exuding an exceptional elegance, this wine presents a delectable array of ripe citrus, lime peel, green apple, and Mediterranean aromatic herbs. Its invigorating minerality carries undertones of rocky and calcareous elements, contributing to its complexity. The wine achieves remarkable equilibrium, with lively acidity and impressive depth. The hands-off approach to winemaking, combined with organic farming, accentuates the site's intrinsic quality and purity. In this creation, Martin and Anna honor both grape varieties and Kamptal's terroir traditions while venturing into innovative techniques. Martin's adept blending expertise utilizes various vessels, from steel tanks to oak barrels, exemplified here through a blend of stainless steel and aged oak. ABV 12%