Saumur-Champigny La Marginale

Domaine Des Roches Neuves Thierry Germain SKU: IFTGM19

Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc

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The 2019 Saumur Champigny La Marginale is a wine that combines power and muscular tannins with a light body and delicate touch. It showcases red currant and subtle green notes, accompanied by hints of violets. Rather than focusing on specific flavor descriptors, this wine emphasizes shape and texture. It has a scented aroma and a medium-length finish. The vines face south, benefiting from early warming and achieving good maturity. This cuvée is produced in exceptional vintages, aiming for great balance. The vineyard practices include natural grassing and soil work through plowing and stripping for improved aeration. The grapes are manually harvested with sorting on a reception table in the cellar. The yield is limited to 35hl/ha. Fermentation takes place in wooden vats with gentle pumping over to moisten the cap, followed by a maceration period of 22 to 24 days, depending on the desired style of the wine. Malolactic fermentation occurs in 25 hl round wooden vats from Stoeckinger. The wine is aged for 12 months in 25 hl round barrels. 13.5%